Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ravings of a Mad Woman

My thesis is due in two weeks. These are the things I think about while I revise:

1. When I went to work with the fish people in the Strip, there were two remaining spots in the parking lot. An elderly woman of Asian descent pulled into the lot in front of me and parked directly between the two spots. I thought she'd back up and readjust because I often miss like that. But no. She just got out of the car and went shopping. Why did she do that?

2. How will they ever begin to fix the potholes that have eaten the streets of Pittsburgh? I have to get off my bike and walk it on parts of Negley because the potholes are so deep I can't navigate them. On my mountain bike.

3. Why would Microsoft invent something like the new Word that can't be used on a Mac and why do students keep emailing me final papers that are .docx? When they do that, I have to go to campus and WAIT IN LINE at the computer lab for a PC while all the open Macs stare at me and whisper, "If you were cool, you'd use us! But you're a nerdy PC person. Bwahahahahahahaha." They do that. They judge me. And I can't even tell them, "no! I am a Mac person! I just have this file I need to convert!"

4. My rugby team is doing something involving decorated paper bags tonight and I can't participate because I have class. What if there is chocolate involved and I am missing it? For class? About Susan Sontag? I don't even like her book. I want to be on the field with the bags.

5. How should I conclude my thesis? What is the ending? How will it end and, when it does, will I also die?


Anonymous said...

that same women took my parking spot once!

Have a nice day Katy, U- Ronny

Valtastic said...

Tell your students to save it as a .doc and resend it to you... They can choose the format they send it so you don't have to go to the writing lab...

Nat said...

Microsoft released a converter that'll translate the .docx files into regular .doc ones:

It's annoying, but ought to work.

freya said...

I agree with valtastic. Make them deal with it!
I am always accidentally sending attachments as .docx or .xlsx and will happily convert and resend them if you mention my mistake. It takes approximately 3 seconds and there is no waiting in line for either party.