Friday, March 21, 2008

Peas Out

The package of my pea seeds says to plant them as soon as the soil can be worked. I took that to mean today. It was so therapeutic to go outside and dig around in the dirt. I decided to plant the climbing peas in the front of the house where we have a trellis on the porch. I can just picture the pea vines climbing the red lattice!

To get ready, I had to hoe out the flower bed and scrape out the old crap the former owners had planted there. I got beside myself because I saw tulips growing under the smootz from last year. Tulips! Almost ready to bloom! I didn't even have to do anything, which was the best part.

After I planted the peas, I went out back and did the same with the spinach because the package had the same instructions. A few weeks from now, I hope I have some hearty, cold weather vegetables. I could just have a big mess...but it felt amazing to give it a whirl and that was exactly what I needed this afternoon: Hope of life.

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