Thursday, March 20, 2008

Booger King

I was in the bathroom at work today, the one we share with the food court workers, when a woman swooped her apron up and over the stall door and it fell. "Oh, man! That didn't go in the toilet did it?" she yelled.

We got to talking after I assured her it didn't. She told me she was all upset because she had spilled food on her uniform shirt. She works at Booger King and they only give her one uniform. Well, she works 6 days a week and can't always get to the laundro-mat on her day off since she has children. So not only does she have to wear the same greasy french fry shirt every single day, but she often has to wash it in the sink and let it air dry overnight just to have something clean to wear to work.

It made me remember when I worked in the dish room in the Penn State dining commons. I, too, had only one shirt and it always had ketchup on it. I hated that I couldn't wash it in between shifts, and I only had to wear it for a few hours each shift.

The woman, Sharee, also told me the pants they gave her are much too large and she has to wear extra pants beneath them so they don't fall down. I don't think belts are allowed with the uniform, since she wasn't wearing one. Perhaps she can't afford one. Maybe she doesn't look good in belts. Either way her pants don't fit.

I just felt awful about my own whining. All week I've been complaining about things. I think God sometimes sends me these experiences when I'm having a selfish week so I am reminded to appreciate all my blessings.


PeaceLoveMath said...

She could take a page out of Uncle Harry's book and safety-pin her waistband in the back to make the pants smaller. Altho I think it would probably look a little better if you did a safety pin on each side

K-Train said...

The best part is that universities "out source" many of their services to service companies, therefore allowing them to deflect any wage/benefit/uniform criticisms that might arise.

All that and my instate tuition at the big TU still went up 30% over the course of my college career!

Snacky D said...

I don't think I could handle working in food service and having only one uniform. I worked at the Penn State dining commons (Warnock) and I had like 10 different shirts, thank goodness...