Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bike Power

It seems silly to write about this on the day when we return to snow, but yesterday I took advantage of the 65 degree sun to ride my bike to work. It was awesome. I was cruising around Shadyside, taking my time. I came to a four-way stop and stopped, looked for a minute, and began to pedal.

Suddenly, an enormous Ford F150 rolled through the stop and revved through the intersection with it's windows down. A man sitting in the middle seat stuck his head out the window and said, "You do NOT have the right of way!"

I tried to brush it off because it was so nice out and I clearly did have the right of way, but when I happened upon them at the next traffic light, I noticed they were not parked behind the white line, and also that their windows were still down. I couldn't control myself. I looked in the window directly at them and said, "Actually, I approached the intersection first and, even though I was turning left, I did in fact have the right of way."

They stared. One of them laughed nervously and said, "Oh, I was talking to the radio."

I said, "Also, you are pulled up past the white lines, so you are just breaking laws all over the place." The light turned green and I rolled past, making better time than them anyway in rush hour traffic.


Valtastic said...

Oh I love you! This goes with my theory that drivers don't know biker rules. I've only learned from my biking friends.

pghrugbyangel said...

Good for you Katy!! I'm glad you know the rules - that always made me mad back when I rode my bike to work! Unfortunately, my car was once hit by a guy on a bicycle who obviously didn't know the rules - rode right through a red light going against traffic! meh.