Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ah, Rugby Season

This morning in the shower, I was frantically scrubbing my thigh, unable to get off a long, brown piece of dirt. I kept wondering where it had come from. Was I composting too furiously? Perhaps it was animal poop? And then it dawned on me. This wasn't dirt at all. It was a long, slender bruise from a rugby cleat. We had done tackling on Thursday at practice.

I knew then that spring had really arrived. My muscles are getting tighter, my clothes are getting dirtier, and my legs are getting bruisey. The weather may be a tease for a few more weeks (it snowed today but will be 50 degrees tomorrow...) but there will remain one constant reminder of nice weather to come: black and blue thighs. Only two weeks til my first game!

1 comment:

j lui said...

i also keep finding mystery bruises. i love it. why did i ever leave this game?

also i am jealous that you are so dedicated to your blog that you find time to post almost every day. i need to do the same.