Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Baggy Feet

Yesterday, rugby practice began! I wish I could put a whole line of smiley faces to express how I feel inside about that! Instead I will just use exclamation marks!!!

But really, it was super cold yesterday. We got to the field and two thirds of it were covered in a thick sheet of ice. The other third was a boggy quagmire. As we sat in the bleachers putting on our cleats, I noticed that one of my teammates was tying Giant Eagle grocery bags around her feet before sticking them in her cleats. I started to make fun of her. Then I saw some other people doing it and made fun of them, too. It looked stupid.

By the end of practice, my own feet were so soggy and frozen that I could barely move my legs anymore. It was, after all, pouring and 40 degrees. Despite driving the entire way home with the heat on full blast at 90 degrees, pouring on my feet, I still hadn't really regained feeling when I got back. It took a long shower and several steamy rice buddies to get my feet back to working order.

I'm thinking I'll try out the grocery bags inside my shoes on Thursday.


Valtastic said...

I used to do that when I delivered newspapers since I didn't have snowboots. Don't knock it. It's great and is another way to reuse a grocery bag.

Em said...

Good idea. I'll have to share with my team. Of course, the fields out here are still frozen solid.

freya said...

I used to do that in high school all the time! It really does make a big difference.
You're right, though. It looks quite silly.

Amy said...

I am so never going to complain about cold practices in Texas. I'll just stick to bitching about the hard ground. ;)

PeaceLoveMath said...

eew, but it would also keep foot sweat in. But I guess that's better than cold wet soggy socks.

Jane said...

We used to wear bread bags over our socks and inside our plastic, unlined boots. Do you remember that, Ninny?