Friday, December 01, 2006

Good Day

Today is a great day for a number of reasons. To start with, it is no longer 70 degrees outside. Thank Jesus! I was terrified of apocalypse when I was walking around after midnight last night, December 1, and I was pitting out and sweating my brains off. I actually jogged to Helen's car in a tank top with my pant legs rolled up to fight the heat. A good old winter storm is rolling in as we speak, and I am once more calm. I just feel like global warming and disaster are eminent when it's this freaking hot in the winter time.

Today is also great because I had fabulous tutoring sessions this morning. I worked mainly with two football fellas. One was writing about professional wrestling. More specifically he was writing about my childhood hero the JYD. I told him all about my JYD action figure and how I used to chew on my Hulk Hogan doll's head while I watched WWF on Saturday mornings. He wrote a really fantastic revision and his teammate wrote a kick-ass revision of his analysis of a T.S. Elliot essay. I love it when I get to spend time with really motivated students who want to improve. It makes my whole week.

The final reason for the greatness of today is the fun party I'm having this evening! 40 rugby players and writers are coming to my house to buy products from Pure Romance. It's like a tupperware party for sex toys! Everyone will leave with a free penis pen and I'm sure it will be the funniest thing I've seen in years. I'm a bit nervous that my writing and rugby worlds will collide, but I think I'll make it out ok.

So here's to Friday, the best day ever.


onion said...

Well it was 76 here today! I competely agree with your assesment about the world coming to an end.(I will admit however that right now at midnight I think it is 40 degrees...hallelujah we are saved)

And I'm still trying to come to terms with penis pens..where the heck was Corey during all this??...oh well, I guess a little sex now and then never hurt anyone.

kk said...

It was about 75 here and I loved it. Yea for global warming. I'm sorry I missed your party I bet it was a great time. I sure your mother and I would have loved it. I hope you got yourself a B.O.B. at the party, no girl should be without one. (Battery operated boyfriend) Hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

just what we all need...a penis pen!!

i got a penis lipstick recently that i was toying with slipping into Jess's gift!

Anonymous said...

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