Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Very Boring

I know it's totally uninteresting to read about when things are going well, but I have had a really, really positive experience with the past few days. Here are some highlights:

1. On Saturday, Corey told me not to worry about dinner, that he would make it. This usually means there will be something from a box served alongside chicken sausage. This time, he made this amazing, complex meal. Using a cookbook! He served me Alice Waters fish with sauce, vegetables with Alice Waters sauce, quinoa that was all seasoned and delicious and cooked in broth. I am telling you, I almost let him impregnate me again I was so beside myself with joy. I don't think he has EVER chopped and sauteed and prepared food in that manner. And it was not associated with any sort of occasion or holiday. Just because. Color me delighted!

2. Several of the Crossfit workouts this week were partner ones, so I got to do a full workout while Corey or my friend Kathy held Miles. I sweated my face off and almost did Fight Gone Bad Rx. Those darn push presses...next time!!

3. My godmother sent me a bunch of chocolate as a belated Christmas gift. Boo ya!

4. I went to the chiropractor and had my back adjusted. I have had this nagging hip pain since I was pregnant, surgery didn't help, and lugging Miles around has made things super hard. But now, a few cracks and crinkles and I feel great. Best part? Totally covered by insurance (apart from a minimal co-pay).

This is the best I have felt in 6 months. And all it took was food, a little exercise, and a talkative man cracking my neck.

I am sure there will be some sort of disaster or something that will produce a more interesting bit of writing in the coming days, but for now I am boringly happy. As Sandra Boynton would say, Moo, Baa, La La La!


pghrugbyangel said...

I LOOOVE when things are boring and ok for you. LOVE. Maybe MW needs to skip naps and fall asleep on me more often. Lol.

Remember, I'm always here if you need someone to play with my little flirt for a little while. I'm so glad MW and I get along so well. It makes me smile. Even more so since I missed these little small times with Little C.

Also, I loved seeing Corey with MW. He's an adorable Daddy!

Amy said...

"Your Personal Penguin" by Ms. Boynton:


mom-mom said...

This kind of boring is so good. Write away! You know all the grandparents love every word of it.