Saturday, January 09, 2010

No Idea

Warning: This is a post about poop. Lots of poop.

This morning, Miles farted a mighty fart. The force of that fart lifted his butt and legs off the ground, like Denise Austin working her lower abs. He then proceeded to loudly poop right there in the living room, like what's the big deal? I'm pooping here!

I gave him some time to finish and then carried him upstairs to change him in his crib. He had still been in his pjs, so I took those off thinking it was time for some clothes. Then I opened up the diaper and started to clean things up. Only, he wasn't done pooping! More and more and more poop just started coming out. I didn't know what to do. I wasn't fast enough with the clean diaper, so it was just flowing out of the dirty diaper.

I knew one thing: I didn't want poop in the crib because I had just changed the sheets and anyone who has ever changed a crib sheet knows what a miserable freaking job that is. But what I didn't know was what do to about the poop.

Panicking, I scooped up the baby and ran into the bathroom with him, catching the poop in my hand as he pooped it out. I held him above the toilet, where he started to scream and cry. Probably because there was icy water splashing back on him as his poop feel into the bowl.

So I'm standing there covered in poop holding him while he poops and cries and I'm saying, "It's ok! You're such a big boy! Look at you pooping on the potty!" But I can't figure out how to clean us off. Should I put him on the cold tiles on the ground? Should I put him on the bathmat? I had no idea.

In the end, I used my elbows to get some toilet paper, ripped it with my teeth, and did a sort of cursory wipe job. Then I put him in his crib.

I turned around to take off my shirt, covered in poop as it was, and grab a diaper. But then I heard a horrible splashing sound.

I turned back around to see Miles, sputtering and choking as he forcefully peed into his own mouth. He started trying to swat the pee away, getting it all over the walls, the pictures on the walls, the toybox, the crib rails, the floor, and of course the damn crib sheets. Then he started to cry. And also shiver, because he was naked (remember, I was going to put clothes on him and had taken off his pjs).

So I clutch my pissy, shivering, crying child to my naked chest and I have no idea what to do. I mean, what do you do? Where do you put the baby down while you gather your thoughts? What can you touch without contaminating it? Why doesn't anyone tell you what to do when you have poop on your hands and pee and poop on your chest and you are holding a piss-covered, naked, shivering, crying, cold baby?

There is certainly not a chapter in ANY parenting book (I'm looking at you Dr. Sears) telling you what to do in this scenario. I had no idea. I pretty much stood in the middle of the room saying, "It's ok! It's ok! Everything is ok!" as the pee dripped onto my slippers.

I was paralyzed by my inability to know what to do. Should I touch the doorknob on the closet to get a towel, spreading more feces and urine around the room? Should I just put him on the hardwood floor and then have to mop later? I had no idea! No freaking idea!

Here is what I did: I put Miles back in the urine-soaked crib. I ran into the bathroom and prepared a warm, wet, soapy washcloth. I gave him a vigorous scrubbing and put him on the carpet on the floor of his room, draped a blanket over him, and immediately secured a diaper over his junk.

Then I washed my hands.

Then I ran back into the room and put him in a warm, fuzzy sweatsuit.

Then I moved all the furniture away from the walls so I could scrub pee-pee off the crib, the floor, the toybox, the walls, and the artwork. I was still mostly naked, wearing pee-pee slippers. I heaved all the dirty toys and sheets and mattress pad into MW's hamper and just scrubbed and mopped up and scrubbed, saying, "It's ok! You're such a good baby right now!"

Meanwhile, Miles rolled himself over, got one arm stuck in the ottoman for his glider rocker, and started pulling the pissy toys out of his hamper and putting them in his mouth. Which I didn't notice because I was cleaning and muttering.

At this point, my mom tells me I should have cleaned out the inside of his mouth. It makes sense. He had peed directly in there and was then sucking on urine-soaked animals. But I had no idea.

I put Miles in a safer area (the floor of my bedroom), finished cleaning, wrestled with the sheets for a half hour to get the crib back in order. At this point, Miles was hungry. But I was all covered in pee still, so I had to take a shower since I didn't want to put a pee-pee nipple in his mouth after all of that. Then I gave my baby some milk and some cuddling time, because we both needed it.


Jane said...

I laughed till I cried, and then I laughed again.
Ninny was right, but, hey, Miles won't be any worse off. You might add this to your list of traumas, though!

Laura V said...

eh, pee is sterile. he'll be fine.

Bella has taken to trying to lick food out of Ray's mouth. THAT is some gross mouth times, let me tell you what.

Kelly said...

I hate changing crib sheets!!!! Jillian is still in a crib but the other day she threw up all over her crib. (Had the same feelings of what to do first). This time, I refused to put the bumper back in since she is older now. So now it only takes a little while to change the sheets. Chalk it up to the "see how much you owe me" list you have to hang over his head when he's older.

Sikora said...

No worries. Urine is sterile.

Rachel said...

And yet, not a trace of pee or poop on baby or mommy this morning while working out! The pee part puts this story over the top.

Why was he pooping so much? Did he feel better when it was all said and done? His face is so dang sweet!!!

pghrugbyangel said...

Oh Katy, I nearly cried myself crazy reading this post. And I apologize for it. I felt kinda bad...

I'm glad you and MW got through it. I can't wait for next week - I get two fun times with MW!

And one of these days, we'll take MW sledding AND skating!

Patty said...

Hi Katy, I really enjoyed this last blog. And yes the pee is sterile. I have had this trauma many times raising 3 boys. Where does all that crap come from? Any way I must tell you that I have been known to just throw all the clothing and sheets out because I was so disgusted with the mess.I did that a few times. I also have stripped down with baby and gotten into the shower together as one so we both feel better. That always works nice. Enjoy these times they will get you to keep your sense of humor about life and motherhood. Also always cover the junk right away with a cloth dipaer to keep the hose down in the room to a minimum and out of your mouth and nose. Take care.
love Patty

P said...

The number of comments on this post vs. the one immediately previous is confirmation of Tolkien's observations on storytelling: "Things that are good to have and days that are good to spend are soon told about, and not much to listen to; while things that are uncomfortable, palpitating, and even gruesome, may make a good tale, and take a deal of telling anyway."

Valtastic said...

I'm sending this to my mom.. I can picture her printing it out for the daycare parents...

FIrst of all let him keep pooping into the diaper... and if he's pooping.. pee will follow... don't let your guard down! :)

And you can drink your own pee but not your own poo so he's ok... (I learned that on the discovery channel the only time I've ever watched it)

kk said...

I remember one time when you Katy pooped so much that you slid out of you seat onto the floor when your parents lived in water works. And if I remember correctly it was during dinner. So maybe this is an inherited trait:+)))

Katy said...

sounds like my crappy parents didn't have me fastened in the seat properly! get it? crappy?!!?!

Val's Mom said...

My sympathies for your no good, very bad day. Mama said there would be days like this but until you live one they are hard to believe. After 27 years of running a daycare, I have been pooped and peed on more times than I care to remember. I have shared your story with my day care Mom's and other child care providers. Through your misery, you have put a smile on many a face today. I hope your tomorrow is a better day. I betcha Miles is one of the cutest babies in the world!