Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Continuing Adventures in Baby-Travel Anxiety

I am putting my Denver anxiety on hold for the moment because Miles and I are taking a trip to see my friend Pat-Smear (this is her roller derby fantasy name) in Oakland, CA.

I had/have the following worries about this trip:
1. Miles will scream the entire flight there and back
2. My luggage (and therefore carseat) will not make my connecting flight
3. Miles will not sleep at all or sleep at crazy times because of the time change

There really isn't much I can do to mentally prepare for number one. I know to nurse him at takeoff and landing because of the air pressure stuff. I know that I can pee with him in the Ergo (his bouts with screaminess at least prepared me for solo airport travel) and I know that I can pack a bunch of food that's edible with one hand so I don't starve whilst on my journey. If Miles is going to scream, I will just be prepared for armpit sweat. Maybe I should take a Vicodin along for myself...

I have eased my own worries about number 2 by discovering that one can RENT a carseat. In fact, one can rent just about anything. If I wanted, I could rent a bucket of tub toys or a bouncy chair or a high chair or even a Pack-N-Play. I will settle for just renting a carseat, to be delivered and picked up from the airport!!!

And number 3? Who the hell knows what will happen. I might rely on caffeine to make it through this trip alive.

It's very interesting to me that I look forward to the challenge of this trip as much as the quality visiting time. I have never viewed a packing list or an airport security adventure with such a sense of must-conquer. Everything from the metal detector to baggage claim will have a new sense of difficulty. I have been giving myself pep talks at 2 in the morning while Miles night-nurses, so I think I am ready.

After I get back, I can resume worrying about the trip I'll take WITHOUT the baby.


Rachel said...

I think I recall carrying our carseat all the way to the gate and leaving it by the door to get on the plane (with the stroller, too)...the luggage handler man came and put tags on them and when we landed they were right there outside the door of the plane. Super easy...but, it's been awhile and things may be different now-a-days. Renting does seem easier!

Maybe that little bundle will surprise you and sleep the whole way there and back!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

The idea of traveling with a baby has always freaked me out. I'm sure you'll do fine. Sounds like you have a solid plan.