Monday, January 18, 2010

Evangelical Post About the Fruit of the Vine

I am preaching the gospel of spaghetti squash. Yes. Squash. Until yesterday, I had not eaten this particular vine fruit. Acorn and butternut squash are regulars at my house, but not typically spaghetti squash. Then, this girl from the gym suggested eating meat sauce over spaghetti squash for a Zone-friendly, balanced meal.

(Side note: Corey is basically doing the Zone now, which makes me irritated because the last thing I need is extra time requirements to weigh each ingredient I throw in the dinners I prepare...or restrictions on the ingredients I can use! I just want to cook things, ok? I don't KNOW how much a handful of spinach weighs!)

So after searching in several stores, we located a spaghetti squash. Not sure if we are off season or if there has been a rush, but it was hard to come by. I roasted that sucker in the oven, carved it open, dug out the guts with a fork, and LO!

The resulting meal had the same mouth-feel as spaghetti, tasted yummier, and was incredibly more satisfying and delicious. Let me explain to you how I love me a big bowl of pasta. I love it. Corey and I have, on many, many, many occasions, eaten an entire bag of pasta in one sitting. I LOVE pasta. I usually make big vats of sauce so I can eat bowls and bowls of it over the course of a week.

Spaghetti squash tastes awesomer than pasta. I am totally sold. Corey later informed me of the exact Zone components or block whatevers of the meal and didn't even irritate me. I heard him say I could eat twice as much of it and shoved him out of the way for more helpings. Do I feel glad squash is good for me? Sure. Do I love that I have uncovered a new favorite, versatile food? You betcha!

You heard it here first. Spaghetti squash is the new dark chocolate. So go, children, and buy thee some spaghetti squash, roast it, and eat it with good cheer.


Jane said...

Ask Hannah for the yummy meat sauce recipe we made with turkey. It was GREAT over spaghetti squash!

Em said...

I always associate spaghetti squash with my mom, b/c it's what she ate for dinner the night she went into labor with me.

Rachel said...

I'm loving the spaghetti squash...I haven't had it since I was a kid. Jay does all of our food shopping and he found spaghetti squash in abundance at our Penn Hills Giant Eagle.

bethany said...

starchy squash FTW!