Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nesting Update

Corey and I shuffled around the basement and remembered that we actually have a few overhead lights we never remembered to install when we lived in Bloomfield, NJ. One of them will be great to replace the breast-shaped hall light upstairs, but I'm wondering if the other is a good fit for the dining room.

This is a close match to the light, which is not a pendant lamp but a ceiling-clinging one. My parents don't have a pendant lamp in the dining area and I never thought that was weird. Is there some sort of rule about pendant lamps over tables? What do you wonderful readers think about using this flattish lamp in the dining room?

I know it would be a marked improvement over the gothic chandelier, but is it a better choice than the others I was thinking about?


Anonymous said...

not a fan

Valtastic said...

there are no rules when it comes to designing... is there anyway you can make the gothic one pretty with some spray paint? that's what they do on the decorating shows.

Katy said...

i hate everything about the gothic one. no spray paint will make me hate it less

Emily said...

We have a stupid big brass hanging thing in our dining room. My mom tells me it is classic and probably was expensive. I tell her it is ugly and boring. It is currently held as close to the ceiling as possible (with a zip tie) because our table (GASP) is not centered under it (gets in the way of the door!). I hate this thing.

My point:
Install your new light (I don't love it, but I can understand your gothic hatred).

P said...

Also not a fan, but it's not my house!

Anonymous said...

I think that light is fine. Just make sure it takes a 100 watt bulb so you can see what you are eating..