Monday, October 06, 2008

Family Style

Corey and I are back in Pittsburgh. This is because everyone is either healthy or well on the way to becoming so, and boy does that feel different than last week.

Because the airline industry is in such a state of crap, Corey and I drove the 6 hours to his hometown on each of our journeys. What could in theory have been a half hour flight is never, ever like that. Each time his parents have come here, they've been delayed upwards of three hours. Factoring in 45 minutes to drive to the airport from Morningside, waiting in that security line, etc. it really isn't any faster in the end. So we drove.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike and I know one another intimately by this point. I know which rest stops have Quiznos before I see the blue signs. I know enough to lament that Ohio has far superior rest stops, ones with Au Bon Pain or Panera or something other than Arbys to eat. But I also know the secret to happy peeing along the highway.

Family restrooms. These are wonderful.

Take, for example, the Midway service plaza. Nobody is EVER in the family restroom. Ever. Except me. Inside, you'll find a little tiny toilet, a big person toilet, a diaper changing station, and one of those shelves with seatbelts so you can strap in your toddler to prevent running away while you pee. It's so nice in there, I was tempted to bring Corey along with me. I would use the tiny toilet and he could use the big toilet and we'd save so much time!

The best part of these bathrooms, other than the cleanliness from non-use, is the fact that you can wash your hands before you pull up your pants! The thing I hate most about public bathrooms is that I have to touch my clothes with my bathroom hands so I can be covered up when I journey to the sink. Who wants to do that?

So my standard operating procedure at rest stops is now to use the family restroom. I'll wait in line if it's occupied. I'm never going in the poo factory women's room ever again if I can help it. And I can help it!


Emily said...

rest stops in Ohio have Panera?! that is awesome!

Katy said...

the rest stops in ohio are, as i call them, rest temples. they even have little steeples on the buildings as if they are churches of consumption. they glisten in shining marble. they have panera and wifi and some sell little artwork thingies. it's pretty cool actually.