Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grand Plans

I have big plans for the downstairs. Huge! Corey says they're frivolous and consumer-y of me, but I say we haven't really moved in all the way without these changes. Here they are:

1. Purchase a rug for the dining room
2. Get rid of the God-awful gothic chandelier in there and get a light something like this or this
3. Buy some real bookshelves for the living room to house my book collection. It's not going to last forever upstairs, because we'll eventually need those rooms to house additional family members. I need bookshelves for downstairs, and not the crappy collapsible or junky ones I've been dragging around since college. Real shelves that properly store books.
4. Get a sectional sofa. Preferably one with a little bed out the one end for enhanced television viewing. Then I can get rid of the well-worn arm chairs I've been dragging around since college, since even before the bookshelves came into my life...the ones my friend Phil used to carry upside-down on his head helping me move in and out of the dorms and apartments in State College. Ah, chair memories!
5. Buy an ottoman/coffee table with storage for board games and sofa blankets when the house isn't cold

And finally, a bonus item for downstairs would be a rug for the living room or perhaps real dining room chairs, but those aren't as important to me as the first 5 things. I'm going to start slowly, with the inexpensive pieces, and make my downstairs dreams come true!!! (With or without Corey noticing...)

If anyone sees any real shelves or a good deal on a sofa, let me know!


freya said...

JP and I adore the Norrebo shelves from Ikea. Super sturdy. We have this one in the 72x78 version, but they're great because there are lots of different sizes, combinations, and storage accessories, too.

Jane said...

Find a sofa you love, then find the cheapest price on line. there are tons of options for sectionals. I like your first choice of lights better, though I was picturing something more cottage-like or craftsman-like.

PeaceLoveMath said...

I disagree with my mom, I like the second light better. But I don't really love either of them, I think you should get something a little more interesting - it's the centerpiece of the dining room! (But it's your dining room, so obviously you should get something you like.)

Suggestion: Do-it-yourself built-in bookshelves!

And finally, your rugby pics, full size:

PeaceLoveMath said...

I just printed out the logo and drew it onto the pumpkin. I did take a pot and trace it onto the pumpkin to get my circle right, but the rest I did freehand. I made the bottom most opening a bit big, if I did it again I'd make that smaller.

p said...

i like the first lamp and the freya shelf, the ikea shelves stain easily if you want to match woodwork.

p said...

ps. tell corey that you're nesting and to be quiet. he has veto power.

Emily said...

i think these are totally reasonable and non-consumer-y purchases. We have some Ikea bookshelves (the cube ones) that are study and cheap (though I don't love them astetically)

Em said...

It's only consumerist if you plan to replace your furnishings on a schedule determined by interior decorating trends. Taking the time to furnish one's living space in a solid and lasting manner reflective of your own tastes is something everyone should do. Living in a house that says This Is Mine is both practical and good for mental health.

PeaceLoveMath said...

I much like em's comment. Good thought!!

pghrugbyangel said...

Ikea has some fantastic shelves that are sturdy and last FOREVER. I'd definitely suggest you check them out. They aren't very expensive either.

mother-in-law said...

Corey's mother says of course you can buy what you want! They all sound like good ideas.

I like the second light better but I would advise agaist a shade that will get greasy, dirty, dusty and will have to be replaced in a few years when they will no longer be making that style....look for glass or some other permanent, cleanable material. And, remember-Christmas is around the corner!