Friday, October 03, 2008


Corey brought something very important home from work yesterday: Palin Bingo. Big Perm came over to watch the debates and answer health related questions and we all played Bingo. If only the grids had included the phrases "bi-partisan" or "traditional" it would have been a whole new game. And who decided to leave "Gay marriage" off the bingo card? What a tense five minutes that was!

Anyway, we decided there should have been a Biden bingo, too, and that each square would have said, "the fact of the matter is."

Also, did anyone else find it strange how hard and frequently Palin was banging on that baby afterward? It was like the kid had the croup when really, he was just dangling there, stunned.


p said...

You must see this.

here try to click my name said...


p said...

i wrote the "here try to click my name" link message so that you can see the link that didn't work so click the link.

Katy said...

ah yes! the flow chart is so brilliant!