Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Freya brought up a really good point in the comments on my blog yesterday about forgoing CAFO meat for all eternity: What do I do about weddings and dinners with friends?

Weddings are pretty easy, since most people have either a buffet with lots of hearty side dishes or a vegetarian option. But dinner at friends' houses is a conundrum.

I asked my vegetarian friend Boo what she does in situations where she's a guest at someone's house and they serve meat. Now Boo has no trouble with this because she consumes no flesh at all and most people who know her know this. She says she just eats lots of side dishes and sneaks nibbles of protein bars from her purse if she gets hungry.

In theory, this sounds like a good solution. I also have the good fortune of running with large circles of vegetarians and vegans. All rugby functions, for example, have vegetarian food. None of Corey's bike friends eat meat. I never worry about it.

Sometimes, though, we go places that make the commitment more difficult. Like his boss's house. Last time we went there, they served really intricate meals with beautiful, carefully seasoned, glistening meat at the center. It would have made them uncomfortable if I skipped the main course.

I'd like to think I have the resolve to tactfully pass on the flesh. The bigger the gathering, the less noticeable this will be. As December rolls around and holiday parties and work functions emerge, I will see what happens with my resolve.


freya said...

If you can do it politely, absolutely. If not, I don't think you need to worry that you are compromising your principles! Being polite is important, too. =)

Valtastic said...

what are you doing about palm oil since that leads to deforestation and is in almost every single processed food/lotion/chapstick there is. My 2009 is to eliminate palm oil from my life.

p said...

i don't mean to take away from anyone's efforts here or elsewhere to be a responsible consumer, but i think that we have to realize that in the natural cycle of life we consume things.

we also add things and give things back. sometimes tangibly like through the nitrogen cycle and sometimes intangibly through art. there is a balance to our being.

Valtastic said...

i understand your point P but Palm Oil is not necessary. It's green washing. They went that route saying it was better for the environment when really it ends up being worse once they start the deforestation process.