Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alas, Failure on Many Levels

Our house is 57 degrees today. Has been around this temperature since Wednesday, which has been ok cuz Corey and I got out the flannel sheets and I've been out of the house for student conferences during the day.

I was feeling strong, like I could last until at least November 1 without turning on the heat, but then I sat very still while watching the Stillers today, and my nose got really, really cold. Then my legs felt cold, deep cold in their bones, and I got shivery. I clenched my gut, loathe to think about the high heat costs approaching. Hundreds of dollars a month to keep the house at a breezy 62. I felt like a failure for my lack of resolve, but then I remembered that I have income now and I could treat myself to a little heat. It made me feel better.

I turned the thermostat to 60, just to take the edge off my freezing nose. The immediate difference in temperature (at least with my face pressed against the vent) made up for my gloom at breaking down so easily. We had blissfully wonderful heat blowing for about 5 minutes until Corey turned it off.

Someone (not placing any blame here) forgot to buy spare filters for the furnace and the old one was still in there from March when the furnace last blew heat. Dirty, cloggy, gross, inefficient. Off with our heat until one of us goes to the Depot.

After my failure of will, I suffered a failure of mechanical efficiency. Where am I after all this? Using my laptop to warm my thighs, periodically licking my nose to thaw it. Considering knitting some sort of nose guard that will allow breathing, yet keep my face warm. Also, watching Men in Black.


Laura V said...

I have a really nice wool running gaiter that I knitted last year. Unfortunately, the pattern was on Magknits, so it's not available anymore, but I might have a printed copy if you want me to try and find it for you.

I'm wearing it in this icon:

It's convertible, so you can knit it and wear it around your face, or you can pull the top closed with a drawstring and wear it as a hat. (I never do, but I *could*.) Let me know if you want me to try and find my printout!

Katy said...

i guess there's always this:

perhaps minus the creepy black stitching?

PeaceLoveMath said...

I was going to suggest Knitty's nose warmers, which would probably only take a few minutes to knit up!

Katy said...

omg! that's totally perfect! i'm making some tonight during heroes!

Jane said...

Those nose warmers look cozy. Don't wear them when you have a snotty nose, though!!!