Friday, October 17, 2008

I Have Died of Joy

Just got back from Trader Joe's where the demonstration pepople AGAIN changed my life. This time, I managed to survive the toast with honey-chevre and almond slivers. Instead, I died from the Ginger Sinbei Snacks. This fine woman blogs about the snacks here. I share an image she posted of the new best food in the universe:

People who know me well know that I love fortune cookies. I sometimes buy bags of them and just eat them on my sofa. When my sister lived in San Francisco and she took me to the fortune cookie factory, well that was probably the best day of my life. I got to watch these wonderful old ladies grabbing circles of cookie off the conveyors and pressing them around wonderful fortunes. They sat in folding chairs around this rickety, silent belt that moved so slowly and wafted the cookie smells into the street. The factory sold little bags of broken cookies that were still warm from the machines. Amazing!

Now, Trader Joes has done the impossible and improved upon the fortune cookie! They've added ginger and more sugar and spices to the outside. The after-taste is sensational and the delightful crunchiness makes for perfect movie-watching snacks.

I added some sports movies to my Netflix queue today. I can't wait to watch them sitting on my sofa with these beauties. I'm not sharing with Corey!


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Jane said...

In Toulouse Hannah had us eat chevre miel pannini. Delicious! Try your own toast with honey and goat cheese. I have served this to good reviews several times since France. Maybe if you try making your own you will love it as we do!
I will try TJ's gingery treat next time I get there.

PeaceLoveMath said...

Will you share a taste with me whe Han & I visit??

Katy said...

mer, there won't be any ginger snax left when you guys get here! i'll wait until that afternoon and buy a fresh bag, then make myself not open it!