Thursday, May 22, 2008

No, I want to work with Katy!

Sometimes I love tutoring because it makes me feel like a princess. This week, I was in the middle of setting up some regular appointments and rearranging things around my Italy trip when a trio of football players came in. These fellows are pretty funny and are roommates and I call them the Three Amigos inside my head. Anyway, they started to fight over who got to work with me on Monday and Wednesday afternoons! It was incredible! They said things like, "I'm getting up early to get in here right when she gets to work," or "You got to work with her last semester. Quit hogging!"

I literally got to have one of those moments where I pull myself up tall (well, half as tall as them...) and say, "now boys. There's enough of me to tutor everyone. Stop fighting!" I loved myself so much! I have to watch out or my head might explode and float right off my shoulders.

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