Monday, May 05, 2008

The Front of my Back

We played in a tournament this weekend, where our team dressed as pirates and took second place. Pretty exciting all around, YAR! Only after our game against Chesapeake, my back seized up. I tried stretching and doing some sun salutations, but that just made me cry involuntarily. So I crawled over to the trainer and lay on my back whimpering. He started massaging my stomach. I thought this was very strange.

He talked to his colleague and said my L1 was spasming. I don't know what that means, but I said, "Why are you pressing on my stomach? Why does it hurt when you do that? How did you know it would hurt there?" The trainer just kept working out the spasm and told me he was rubbing my belly because it's the front of my back. I never thought of it that way before! Soon enough, he went to work on the actual back of my back, but I just couldn't get over this new way to envision my stomach. The front of my back! It blew my mind.

While I was lying there, our friend Ayo appeared. Too late to see the match, but just in time to help me out, he bought me a pork sandwich so I'd be sure to have delicious food after I could move again. It was like a moment of heaven--the moment the pain in my back eased up, I sat up and had a warm plate of pork barbecue. I like to think the delicious protein went straight to my sore L1, which is really the back of my stomach.


Anonymous said...

I no longer have a big stomach.. just a big back!

Lydia said...

L1=the 1st lumbar nerve that's coming off your spinal cord.