Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Last night I trampled my teammate. We were scrimmaging in Schenley Park and Boo, who was even on my team, got tackled. I went to ruck over her and smashed my foot down on her tiny little wrist. All the weight of my body driving forward, into her arm. I felt just terrible about it. I looked down at her face contorted in pain and wanted to eject myself from the game. I hate that part of rugby, when you accidentally hurt someone.

For the remainder of practice, I couldn't focus and kept staring at her on the sideline clutching her sore arm. I offered to ride Etienne to her house and tie her shoes for her this morning, but she told me she'd wear flip flops and that I shouldn't feel badly because that stuff happens in rugby. She's right--I am never angry when something happens to me--but that doesn't really make me feel any better about it. I think I'll bake her a cupcake.


Chris Mayhew said...

I had to read this like 3 times before I realized you had not picked up the nasty PGH habit of using "to ride" to mean "giving a ride to". You actually were going to ride your bike to someones house!

You and Dooce are kind of my last hope for good grammar on blogs.

Em said...

I always feel awful when I hurt someone, even if they're a nasty player on a mean team. I hate that part of it.

Laura V said...

Just ONE cupcake? I think Boo deserves THREE cupcakes. One for her, one for her wrist, and one for her girl who is graduating from college this weekend!

Katy said...

well i baked her six, and i used free range eggs in the batter and made them heart shaped!