Friday, May 23, 2008


My friend Em came to visit yesterday! She had an unexpected layover in Pittsburgh for a bunch of hours while waiting for her mom to come get her, so while I was at PT, she hopped the 28x into Oakland and we got to spend the day together.

The two highlights of the visit were eating 12 pieces of bacon, and going to the Phipps. The bacon was turkey bacon, which we peppered and baked in the oven and then ate blissfully with bean salad. I kept pretending I was going to save a piece or two for Corey, but it just tasted so damn good that we ate the whole plateful. It felt so sinfully decadent. A whole plate of bacon!

Obviously the only acceptable way to follow that was to see the Chocolate! exhibit at the conservatory. We ogled the chocolate party scene, ran into exhibit designer Michele McCann, and watered the plants with elephant watering cans in the children's garden. Then we played with the model train, watched a butterfly get eaten by a spider, and gorged on free chocolate samples in the gift shop. It was basically the perfect afternoon.

I wonder if Italy will have anything nearly as fun or delicious? Somehow I think yes...


PeaceLoveMath said...

Think of me drinking cocktails on the beach while you eat delicious pasta, and I will think of you eating delicious pasta while I drink cocktails on the beach!!


Em said...

I had an awesome time and miss very much being able to hang out with you regularly. |=)