Friday, May 09, 2008

The Back of my Back

I went to the doctor today to talk about my back. I called sports medicine rather than the regular doctor, thinking the sports folks would "get it." My doctor took x-rays, asked me to talk about the pain, identified the sore places and then nodded a few times. He sat down in his rolly chair and asked me, "Is there any way you can NOT play rugby anymore?"

I was pretty stunned. I felt like he had asked me to perhaps take a day off from breathing or maybe just stop digesting my food for a few hours. I said, "No! Absolutely not!" Plan B is to get some rehab on my back, because the doctor feels that the pain is muscular. I feel that way, too. I've never had rehab before and am not sure what it entails. My appointment is for May 19 at 730 in the morning, so I'll find out pretty soon.

I have decided to give it two chances and if I don't like it, I'm going to either go to the chiropractor or just start taking yoga again. Either way, I'm still playing rugby.


Em said...

You know, that REALLY bugs me when it happens. I had bursitis once and the ortho told me never to do squats again. For heaven's sakes, if everyone listened to doctors on matters of both appropriate physical activities AND amount of recommended daily exercise, there would be no sports and the whole world would be doing aquacize for 30 minutes a day.

I mean, seriously.

Valtastic said...

My sisters in PT for her hamstring and the Dr asked her what she wanted out of it and she said "I want to do cardio 5 days a week for an hour" and the guy said "well you only need to do 4 days a week"

I love PT because they are better than doctors. Dr's say you need to limit your lifestyle whereas PT teaches you a few exercise to keep you strong in your naturally weak areas to do whatever you want.

I would have gone into PT if I knew it existed before i went to business school.

JL said...

katy, look into finding a graston technique practitioner. i think it'll help! i should have told you that earlier, haha.

i can get you a recommendation if you're interested.