Monday, May 19, 2008


I started rehab/PT this morning. I think I like it. I was treated by a physical therapist and her advanced clinical pt student. When I told them I sustained my back injury playing rugby, they both nodded and started rattling off rugby players they know from Ohio. It was a good place! They gave me heat and stim for awhile, which felt very nice, and then a series of exercises.

We were all surprised that my hips pop when I do adductor/abductor strength tests. The clinical student jumped back from applying resistance to my leg and said, "did I do that?? What just popped like that??" I didn't know it wasn't normal for a 27-year old young person to have poppy hips. They don't sound any different from anyone else on my team...I got used to it I suppose. The leg exercises they gave me are supposed to help improve that.

One thing that makes me feel a tad wary is that they advised me not to start CrossFit when I get back from Italy. I had really been looking forward to this program and getting into monster shape with the Angels to get ready for nationals. I wonder if the clinicians have perhaps not seen the video and don't know what I'll be doing? I'll ask them again on Thursday before I leave for vacation. Perhaps there are alterations I could make to the routine and still participate. I want my thighs to be mighty and my shoulders to be sturdy!


Laura V said...

I have no point here, I just have a link for you.

Valtastic said...

the boy cheated... he did pull ups versus the chin ups she was doing... look at the hand positioning.

Emily said...

haha don't we all have poppy hips?

and italy?! cool!

side note though...according to some of the rugby gods, crossfit is more about being "tough" and whatnot than "fit" since a lot aims at running you into the ground. I've never tried it, but its food for thought.