Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Tonight I spent five hours working with a football player I haven't seen in awhile. He's been falling behind and had a lot of papers to make up. At one point, we took a small break to rest our brains and he asked whether I knew a third teammate had moved into his dorm room.

I had no idea, obviously, who lived in his room and asked him where the heck they fit three beds in a college dorm room. He told me they bunked two of the beds and put them on risers and slid a third mattress on the floor underneath the bunkbeds. They are sleeping three deep. Like in a submarine.

Apparently, this new roommate couldn't stand his current living situation and is bunking up unofficially. They stuffed all his clothes in their desk drawers and shoved him under the bed. Like a dog.

Imagine how that smells in there. Three football players in a dorm room meant for two average sized people.These aren't regular college boys. These are enormous football players who are so tall that their legs dangle off the edge of the bed.

I asked my student where he sleeps in the sandwich and he said he was the meat. He said "I wake up in the morning and I see feet dangling in my face. Then, I roll over and I see a huge arm and leg sticking out and I always think there is a monster under my bed."

I would give ANYTHING to spend a day just following these kids around and watching them operate. Because they are so much funnier than anything on television.


ninny said...

i'd LOVE to see a picture of that...

Emily said...

its amazing what one can do in college.

i can barely share a queen bed now. how did we ever share twins???

P said...

Sharing twins? There wasn't a whole lot of sleeping going on, as I recall.

Emily said...

There was a good deal of sleeping going on actually, except for the fact I got up at 5 am a lot of times. It wasn't good sleep though. Cold cinderblock wall. Also, the non-sleeping wasn't very good either, in retrospect.