Monday, February 26, 2007

King of Spades

Corey had to work all day yesterday because his bike shop was having some sort of huge warehouse sale. He came home totally wasted at 10pm after enjoying pitchers of tequila beverages with his co-workers to celebrate their big day. He stumbled all around and kept bumping into stuff. I have never seen him so drunk! Ever!

He flopped down on the couch and asked if I noticed he got a haircut and a beard trim while I was away for the weekend. I looked at him closely, inspecting his bright red beard which grows inexplicably beneath his dark, dark brown head hair. The barber had taken some creative license and carved a little notch in his chin area.

He looks like the king of spades on a playing card. Or any of the other kings without knives in their heads. Although last night he looked more like the court jester failing at gymnastics stunts. When I told him this he started to laugh and laugh until he fell asleep for a minute. This morning he looks even more like the king of spades because his hair wasn't sticking up all over the place and he didn't smell like booze. I might make him a paper crown today and dub him ruler of Highland Park.

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ninny said...

a picture, please....