Sunday, February 03, 2008

Rice and Pot Pie

When the Rank family descended upon Pittsburgh, they brought me a sack of goodies: Rice Buddies. My Godmother's Mother made me terrycloth sacks filled with rice for me to microwave and wrap around my legs and neck. It's a little embarrassing that everyone is so shocked at our pathetic coldness. We had to turn the heat up a little this weekend and I still couldn't keep my dad and grandma warm enough.

Despite their chilliness, I was just so moved to have ten relatives at my house. We pulled out the wings on the dining room table and scrounged up enough chairs. Nanny made pot pie in my kitchen and we all sat down to dinner at my table. It was this overwhelmingly emotional experience for me. My family at my table. It just felt so wonderful.

The house next door, still for sale, was being shown to a young couple I had seen before. The real estate agent peered in the window and waved, saw the dining room full of people, and smiled. We were just another family having a huge family dinner. It made me happier than I had been in a very long time.


Jane said...

Thanksgiving must be next. Do you have room for 22?

PhillyKim said...

Yay, Katy and Corey! A real family you are....