Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I feel nervous about the new online registration for USA Rugby. I was certain I registered yesterday, even clicked check out and entered my credit card info. But today, when my friend called to say that, like a silly pants, she had registered for the men's team, I checked my own membership to make sure I hadn't done that.

I wasn't registered anywhere! I've been having kind of a rough time registering myself to play. First, I had ongoing trouble updating my name. I guess that doesn't happen a whole lot, so there wasn't really an arena to do that. Now, I don't know about this new system. It never said, "OK! Your registration has been accepted!" So I kept clicking check out a bunch of times.

Does this mean they billed my card repeatedly? Have I registered myself ten thousand times? I feel impatient and hopeful that, even though I clicked a whole bunch, I only will be paying once.

I wonder why I am getting nervous about a new online venture. I always support technology. I love it. I think I am more weirded out by my credit card number leakage than I previously thought. I feel like one of those old ladies who wants to print out all her emails just to make sure they don't disappear.


em said...

You're nervous b/c USA Rugby's website continues to be one of the most poorly designed in the history of the internet. I haven't tried to reCIPP, but I'm anticipating problems.

Valtastic said...

I second Em... I hate the USA Rugby site. No wonder more people in the states don't play rugby. They can't get the information through the website! Although the 6 Nations website is pretty bad too.

I would look at your credit card online- if they charged you multiple times then call them up. Much easier then dealing with their website.

Emily said...

weird. I did it and it was fine...