Sunday, February 10, 2008


When you work as a writer/English teacher/tutor, you get constant apologizing disclaimers before people speak or email you. But sometimes, you find other friends who either get it or share your sickness. And they text you little gems like this:

(Courtesy of Responsible Dave)


P said...

How do you know it's not a misspelling of "Laddies" in a Scottish pub? ;)

PeaceLoveMath said...

wow. that's ridiculous.

PeaceLoveMath said...

PS: I haven't clicked East Side Girl's blog in a while, so I just found out she's preggers! That is super exciting. I remember reading some post a while back that made me think maybe she was, but I forget what she said.

freya said...

Who is Ladie and what is hers???

In all seriousness, I think the worst is misused quotation marks. I don't trust "Fresh" Fish. Even if I know they don't understand the irony of that.