Sunday, January 13, 2008

A World of Updates

Black Santa is growing some grassy hair. I took the plastic bag off his head, defying the instructions, and the mold dried up. I also moved him to the window when it was in the 70s last week so he got more sun. I think I'll have to move him back so he doesn't get cold, though.

As Black Santa grows and develops, so do my cheese skills. One week, five gallons of whole milk later, and I can make a mean mozzarella. I have found the best milk for cheese in Pittsburgh: Dean's. I'm not sure whether they use antibiotics, but their milk makes a darn firm curd. I am getting closer to being able to have string cheese.

See how that baggy almost contains a tube-like piece of cheese to be peeled in gentle strips? My co-worker told me it looked like a soggy white turd. I told her she wasn't allowed to taste any and made her sit there while my boss and co-tooters all enjoyed some fatty cheese that almost made strings. No matter what it looks like, it tastes great spread on crackers.

I have learned that salt messes up my cheese consistency. I'm going to stop adding it during production and let people salt to taste with the finished product. I wish I understood chemistry so I would know why these things happen.

I am also buying many tickets for exciting journeys. First comes a train trip home while Corey is snowboarding in Utah. Taking the train eliminates my ability to cart home the load of books I wanted from my parents' house, but it costs the same as driving and I'll be able to read and do homework (or even sleep). I vow to sort through the books and make a donation trip, reducing the load by over half. One can only read a crumply Stephen King paperback so many times in a lifetime...

While I'm home, I might teach my family to make cheese!

Next I am scouting for plane tickets to Phoenix for my final spring break of this lifetime. Since my sister and nephew are coming here for Groundhog's Day, I'll just go there in March and see them twice! I might take cheese bacteria with me where the goats are nursing and take a stab at some chevre.

Last came the most exciting purchase of all. A Katy-Corey graduation/anniversary/Corey's mom's recovery celebration Team Lev journey to Tuscany. We haven't quite purchased the tickets, due to my failure to update my name with Continental when I got married. I cannot purchase my ticket until the damn paperwork goes through. I didn't bother to change my name with my frequent flyer program and now I suffer. When I try to get a ticket, it notices that there was once a person of similar name and email and freaks out with red exclamation points. I couldn't even solve the problem on the internet. This requires a real person, who doesn't get to work until 8am on Monday. Tomorrow at this time, I will be en route to the region known for Chiante. I will be five months away from real Parmasean and truffle oil and olive trees. (Bushes?)


p said...


Deans is against rBST so you're good to go.

Have a wonderful trip!! Eat lots of cheese!

I over apply !!!'s

PeaceLoveMath said...

My chia is right near a leaky cold window, and it is growing like a champ. I think you can probably keep it there even once it's cold again - the extra light will be good!

PS: the random assortment of letters I need to type in to post this comment is "wvpuczzy" which looks disconcertingly like the word "pussy" in there.

the end.

kk said...

Did you know that Dean's bought Wengert's milk in Lebanon, so you will be able to buy the same milk there when you teach your mother to make cheese:+) Also my dad has live goats maybe you could visit him while in Lebanon and see if they have what you need. I'm sure he would give you one or two to take to Pittsburg for your cheese making.

Em said...

Dean's bought out SaniDairy. I don't buy their milk. |=(

Valtastic said...

Maybe it's the black santa next to your "cheese stick" makes me think your cheese looks like the white Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo...