Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today an SUV honked at a man being pushed across the street in a wheelchair. Like laid on the horn angrily with the hand not holding his cell phone. The old man, wearing a red ski cap and huddled under a blanket atop his jacketed body, was being pushed by a young person wearing scrubs. Some sort of hospital worker. It was a little icy outside, and snowy. They weren't going really fast, but who can blame them?

When I heard the honking and looked at the angry, angry person behind that wheel I felt several things. First, I wanted to take the yogurt I was eating while walking and dump it into his gas tank as I scraped my house keys along the SUV door. Second, I felt enormously sad that this man's life was so empty, so horribly superficial that he needed to get so angry at this unfortunate wheelchair person.

My whole way home, I just kept praying that my priorities never get that misaligned. I get very stressed out by things and tend to get angry while driving, but I hope that I will always see the wheelchair and wait patiently for that person, because I know he or she would rather be running across the street as fast as possible and is not able to do so. Please, oh please, let me be a grateful person and not like that horrible SUV man on his phone.

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