Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fish Purse

I met with my crazy fish clients this morning. This meeting was pretty normal as far as those meetings go. We talked about the newsletter, new products, their new website. Things were really cordial. I like them. I think I like them because they are hopelessly weird, like me...

Anyway, on my way out today they really stepped up the purse stuffing. Usually it's a sneaky bag of chips or one small fish package in my bag while I'm walking away. Today, I got twelve pounds of various fishes. I took pictures so I could share with everyone.

First, I got this kind:

I mentioned to them before that my husband eats this kind of fish, fried in a pan with peanut sauce. They liked that idea. Then they said if he liked that, he might enjoy this fish:

It has the skin on and apparently a milder flavor. "Learn to cook fish with this fish," they said, because apparently it's sturdy and easy to work with.

Last, the dude walked up to a cooler and started stuffing individually frozen cod fillets in a bag. No packaging. Just fish in a bag:

It was all so heavy I was actually struggling to walk to the car! I had this big fear that I would slip on the ice and my twelve pounds of fish would go flying. There is barely room for it in my freezer. I took a picture of it all in a heap just because I can't believe it. 12 pounds of fish.

It's such a strange feeling to have someone force something like this on you. I feel grateful, but also bad. They don't have to give me fish. I'm already being paid to write wonderful things about their products, so this doesn't change my project. I'm also not writing an article about these specific products (anymore...) so I don't need them for research.

I can't decide if I should have a Lenten Fish Fry celebration or just ask my dad to cook it for me since I like how he makes fish with onions and butter. Since ten million relatives (really just ten...) will be at my house soon, it's nice to have a stock pile of healthy food I guess...

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Brid said...

I used to rent an apartment in Shadyside from the Wholey's when I was an undergrad at CMU. Almost 20 years ago and 5,000 miles away.