Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cars Are Coffins

My co-worker came in to work today with some road rash. She had crashed her bike on the cobblestones down town. This started a whole barrage of car accident tales from my co-workers and all the students. I heard the following stories:

Student 1: Dude, I got hit in a hit and run before. This car hit me so hard, and the driver just...he or she just took off. It took me like five minutes to find my boot! It knocked me right on out my Timbs!

Student 2: I was walking up DeSoto you know, outside Children's Hospital? I checked both ways and there was no car. Then I started text messaging and a car hit me! Like in the movies! I rolled up onto the hood and hit the windshield. I was just laying there thinking "Oh my God, I just got hit by a car." Everyone started laughing at me.

Co-Worker 1: I was riding my bike in Colorado and I got drive-by Super-Soakered. It knocked me right off my bike! Have you ever been Super Soakered? If they pump it hard, that can be like a garden hose.

Co-Worker 2: I got drive-by paint balled! I was walking along at night time and they just started shooting at me from the car. Those suckers hurt.

What made this sharing session even more wonderful was that at its conclusion, we tutors helped the students compose cultural analysis essays about Flavor of Love. I love my job.


Soupie said...

I got shot on atwood street by a BB gun on new years eve 2004

kk said...

I would love to read those essays:+)