Friday, March 23, 2007

Sparkle Eyes

Yesterday on the 71A, an elderly lady climbed aboard and sat herself down in the front seats designated for persons just like her. She was tiny and cute and had an enormous brown handbag. She told the bus driver he was her shining star and engaged several passengers around her in conversation. (I was observing from the first row of seats back from her, safely out of conversation range but still in a direct eye line)

Mid-sentence, not pausing a beat, the woman pulled a tub of purple sparkly eyeshadow from her hand bag and started applying it. While the bus was moving along Negley Avenue, potholed death trap that it is. She got it all on there in the right places, too. I can't even fill out forms or sign my name on the bus when it's hitting all those potholes.

How does she do it? I'm not opposed to public grooming of this nature. I am just jealous of it. How does she steady her hand to apply the sparkly shadow??? Maybe there are some womanly skills that, when practiced since an early age, morph into mastery. This lady might be at a state where her eyeshadow application is like breathing. She can do it anywhere. With no mirror. Unfortunately, grooming will never reach this level with me. If I tried to apply eyeshadow on the bus, I would leave looking like Rocky post-SuperFight 2.

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PeaceLoveMath said...

i think that no matter where or when i apply eye shadow, even if it's in front of a mirror in a brightly-lit bathroom, i still end up looking like rocky after superfight-2.