Thursday, September 21, 2006

What has become of us?

I walked down the hall last night, following Corey as he headed toward the shower. As usual, I tripped over giant boat sneakers outside his office. I bent down to throw them back inside the room, expecting the gray Nikes with stylish green and orange accents. I saw old man shoes. White, enormous old man sneakers with awful piping.

"Where did you get these shoes?" I said, fearing the answer. It took me years to convince him to part with money to purchase a new pair when his college sneakers smelled like swamp. I held my breath and repeated the question, knowing the reluctance to answer confirmed my suspicions.

"Justin gave them to me."

"Where did Justin get them?"

"The Goodwill dumpster."

Horror, fungus, corns, bunions, warts, staph....the shoes were not good enough for Goodwill. He is wearing garbage shoes. Disease shoes. And now he is at work and I am at home and I can't decide if I should remove the shoes from our home or just hang my head in shame that my man is such a dumpster diver. This makes me never, ever want to scrounge for free things again. This serves me right for encouraging such behavior.


Anonymous said...

As I remember correctly you used to dumpster dive at Panera bread as a regular activity???? I wonder where Corey got it from. :P


Katy said...

the panera dumpster is something else entirely. fishing out perfectly good bread wrapped in numerous layers of plastic before it even hits the pile of bread is very different than dragging out salmonella sneakers!!

kk said...

This coming from the girl who wore "Craig's" work shirt from Goodwill for class pictures in high school.....I would just let the shoes there for several days until he forgets about them, and pitch them.....

Anonymous said...

I think that you found Corey!

Anonymous said...

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