Sunday, September 10, 2006

It All Seems So Easy

I think I am taking Corey's last name. I can't decide if I'm going to keep mine in there, too, or just replace my current last name with his. I don't want to be one of those women with a zillion names and hyphens all over the place, but I only have four letters and he only has three. Together, the names would have two syllables. Many people already have 2 syllable last names. I wouldn't hyphenate, either. The hyphen is my least favorite punctuation mark.

But then I don't really expect people to call me by four names or even my name plus his name. So why bother keeping mine if I'll just use it on checks and contracts? Perhaps I should use my name and his name as my pen name for my publications. But then I lose my middle name (Adair! How wonderful a name!) and that would make me sad. We can't lose Adair.

This is all further complicated by my burning desire to have a gmail account. I can't very well adopt a new email account 8 months before I get married and change my name, now can I? I'd just have to change it all over again and that's annoying. So now I ruminate over what my gmail account should be, what my "daily" name should be, and whether that name should be different from my "official" name.

Perhaps I should take the Phoebe approach and change my name to Katy Consuela Banana Hammock. Who am I? I am so glad my parents named me when I was an infant, before I had to spend a year trying to decide what my name should be. It's supposed to be easier than this to get married. Maybe Corey should just change his name and I'd have no worries. Then I could join gmail this afternoon!!!


Emily said...

my vote is for Corey to hyphenate ; )

(and i think i spelt that wrong!)

Anonymous said...

I say you keep the pen name of Katy Adir Rank and then you and corey have the Rank-Loe last name... wait is that his last name- I can't remember...

Anonymous said...

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