Monday, September 11, 2006

Rugby Reporter: Day 2

If I have to be stuck in an airport, strip searched, witness my luggage combed, and transferred to three flights on three airlines in an attempt to reach the great north, at least they have given me free WiFi. Seriously, this isn't too bad. I don't have any water, but I have free time to do my work for grad school.

I used the WiFi to convince my Canadian car rental place to stay open late enough for my flight to get there, provided this one actually takes off. I haven't gotten to do any glamorous media things today, nor have I seen any rugby or ruggers. I suspect this airport drama is commonplace for international traveling writers. Even first class ticket-holders can't get around this crap when there is bad weather and only one flight per day to a city.

Thankfully, I made contact with my hostesses and everything should be cool with my rugby bed and breakfast. They hinted I might have my own entire room! With a bed! This is better than a hotel. I am going to redirect my energy away from being upset at my airport situation and toward thanking the heavens for a house full of cool ladies waiting for me in Edmonton.


ninny said...

hope your flight ends up like mine home from LA - 15 passengers - 3 flight attendants!!! arrived 1/2 hour waiting for safe in cunadeeya

PeaceLoveMath said...

you have a first-class ticket??!?

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