Friday, May 01, 2009


We have this vent thingy in our bathroom. It's pretty gross. We've lived in our house for two years and never cleaned it and I'm pretty sure the previous owners never cleaned anything, so Lord knows how much accumulated filth is in there. Gross.

When we turn on the fan, it makes an awful noise and a weird smell comes out. Corey says the smell is pretend, but my pregnant nose smells all and I say it's real. Last night, when we had been in bed reading for about an hour, I went to pee (again) and couldn't bear the smell anymore. I made Corey come dismantle the vent thing.

Let me tell you, there was so much caked on filth and dust in there that I couldn't even bear to take a photograph. You know that scene in Heroes where we see the weird spider nest things Dr. Suresh makes to coat his victims? It looked like that. We spent about an hour vacuuming and soaking all the parts. Even the screws were coated in an inch of filth.

The goop kept raining down from the vent hole as Corey cleaned in there, a black hail storm of filth.

But then we put it all back together again and the fan doesn't stink. Nor does it make a grinding death wheeze. In fact, it's sort of cheery in the bathroom now (at least in my opinion). We decided that every April 30 would be vent day, and we'd clean that sucker out while we each had free reign to complain about whatever we wanted during the venting process. I think it will be a good family tradition.

We also decided that as soon as our son was either 7 or tall enough, that was going to be our stock punishment.

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Valtastic said...

For your sake I hope he takes his height from Corey's side..