Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Belly Haikus

My God! Look at that
glowing full moon on my front
It shines and pulses.

Have you seen my feet?
I have not seen them for years
They play peek-a-boo

Perhaps it is good
to not see my feet because
they look like blobs now.

I smear cucumber
butter on the belly each
morning. It smells nice.

At baseball games, drunk
men bump my belly, pushing
past me for more beer.

My hips hurt. This gut
is heavy and its contents
are restless. Come out!

You, belly, are just
the right size to hold ice cream
bowls or mugs of tea.

"Can I touch it, please?"
When people rub you, belly,
Your tenant jiggles.

Corey calls you a
parasite. I think of you
as my sweet lichen.

I wonder whether
water balloons would bounce off
my belly or burst?

I am filled with awe
that my body knows how to
grow a human being--

nobody taught me.
I've just always known how to.
What else can I do?


kk said...

OMG it looks like a harvest moon:+)

east side girl said...

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

P said...

I am sure you are the first person in history to call your offspring a lichen. Well done!

Jane said...

Enter this in the Academy Awards of blog entries.