Wednesday, May 27, 2009


You know what people have been giving me a lot of lately? Journals. Which is, I suppose, okay. I say this because all the parenthood books I'm reading tell me I need to journal the following:

1. frequency, duration, and characteristics of each breastfeeding with the baby
2. frequency, contents, and odor of Baby Love's poop
3. my postpartum moods (to verify that I don't get a desire to hurt Baby Love or put him in the dryer or something that speaks of illness needing drastic medical intervention)

You know what I'm interested in journaling? My weight, even though weight is just a number, body fat percentage, nutritional intake, and exercise regimen. I have decided my first goal is to return to Crossfit within 8 days of delivery, even just to do a few 400m walks and some good mornings, and then to be back at rugby practice September 1 (Sub-goals include a real kipping pullup and a full rope climb, but these don't have time limits attached yet).

I don't think these are unrealistic goals. That gives me about two months of Crossfit to work my way back up from waddling with the empty bar to really working and moving my body. I want to record this process. I don't so much want to diagram the poops of my son.

I'm thinking I'll use the engraved, leather-bound journal I've been squirreling away for my Operation Fit Body journal and, if I remember, I'll write the other stuff down in the Anne Taintor one with the great pictures. But I promise not to feel bad if this one slips and then I can just continue to use that one to jot down driving directions when I go new places. And then not label them, so I have no idea where each scribble actually leads.

That just leaves two Japanese themed journals of varying sizes to find a use for. It's funny how much my habits have changed since I got a laptop. I used to go through those notebooks like I go through mint ice cream. Now, I just cycle through external hard drives...


Joanna said...

You should have an alternate blog: a food/nutrition/exercise blog. I've really been getting into them (and then NOT AT ALL following their health standards).

Everybody always gives me journals because they assume I like to write (i don't... and when i do write it's inevitably on scraps of receipts or napkins).

Wendy Craven (remember her?) told me the story of her neighbor who was running with the baby stroller the DAY after getting home from the hospital after giving birth.

Em said...

Poop is sort of important to pay attention to. I'm not saying to journal it, but you're going to be looking at it anyway, so it's good to get an an idea of what's regular and normal and what's not.

Katy said...

wow! i sort of remember wendy, but that is indeed an inspirational story. the crotch pain that must have caused!!! i've had past teammates come fully back to the game after 4 weeks. i just feel like i want my uterus to take the full 6 weeks to shrink back down and have my ribs maybe move back into place before i go get myself tackled...but i can totally do some squats, etc. i will think about this alternate blog idea. however, that would then make the leather bound engraved journal obsolete...

kk said...

I always had a journal for everything when it came to the kids. I think I had one until they were about 5 years old. We journaled everything from what went in to what came out:+) I was the only way to be sure I knew everything. Even when I was not there whom ever was had to journal so I would know what was going on.

east side girl said...

Girl, if you can walk comfortably 8 days after delivery, you are my hero!

As for the journals: Write down whatever you can remember, whenever you have time. You'll appreciate it later.

We kept a very in-depth poop log for Alice for the first 3 months or so. The log is now retired, but I am continually shocked by how often we discuss the contents of her diapers.