Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great Big Whiner

Here are the things I want to do on Memorial Day weekend:
Play rugby on Saturday
Slip n Slide with my rugby teammates at JG's bbq on Sunday
Sail on the lake in Moraine State Park
Kayak or canoe on the same lake
Ride my bike on one of the many trails in the area

Here is the number of those things I am able to do: 0 (though I am helping administratively with the rugby match)

Last night at dinner, Corey pretty much told me I suck because I couldn't even duck out of the way of the boom on a sailing vessel if we drove to Moraine. He's right. I might be buoyant (I actually have no idea because I haven't submerged myself this pregnancy) but I am not agile. I feel like a big drag, like I'm spoiling his fun and mine.

To make the weekend more exciting, technical difficulties with the online class I'm teaching mean that I'll be spending a great many hours over the weekend making up grading because the students got deadline extensions.

I have decided to throw a pity party, starting right now, and I am the only guest. The menu includes caramel Frappuccino, cake, and a really ripe pear. Potential party games include transplanting tomato seedlings, buying crib sheets at Macys online, and watching Family Fued at lunch time. It actually sounds like a kind of fun party...


Emily said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm not pregnant and will be rugby-administrating and transplanting seedlings this weekend too. Though a boat sounds way more fun.

ninny said...

I pity you!

Jane said...

I pity you!
Does my inflection sound any different than your mom's? Think sarcasm.