Sunday, May 24, 2009

Strange Dream

Last night I dreamt I rescheduled another motherhood massage, because it was so good. In the dream, I was in the desert sand room derobing and waiting to get on the table so Jane could massage my feet and hips. All of a sudden, Bonnie Hunt came bursting through the door screaming that she needed my appointment time because she, too, was pregnant and very busy.

I got so upset in my dream. I didn't care that she was Bonnie Hunt at all. This was my time, that I carved out of my busy week. I started yelling at Bonnie Hunt to get out, step back, make her own appointment. I wondered, in the dream, why Jane wasn't doing anything about this intrusion. Then I really screamed at B.H., saying, "My time is valuable, too! I teach online students, who depend on my comments to complete their rough drafts!!!"

It sounded just as stupid in the dream. But then I woke up feeling like I lived in New Jersey again, where everyone feels all entitled (Corey's family excluded, obviously) and acts like they are the keystone of the gravitational pull in the galaxy. I did NOT let Bonnie have my massage time, and I feel glad about that.

I think the message here is that I need to schedule another massage for later this week. Maybe for Wednesday, which happens to be my wedding anniversary, which will be a non-entity because we have childbirth class that night. I predict strange dreams this week. Very strange.

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PeaceLoveMath said...

I had a weird dream last night too!