Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catan again

After the first few weeks of constant Catan playing (my Catan name is Rugbymom if anyone fancies a match), I have cut way back. Some days I don't even play at all. Some days I still can't stop. When Corey called the other day, for exmple, I tried in vain to mute the game but he caught me. "I hear what you're doing," he said, scolding my procrastination. Oh well.

Yesterday, I managed to play only one game. Sort of. I finished work and started a game on a tough board. I was doing very poorly. I made a move that I thought was pretty sneaky, and the person I blocked with the robber called me an idiot.

I froze in horror. This had not happened since the first night I played, when I landed in asshole city and people called me that all over the place. I am much more seasoned now and have won far more games. Idiot just isn't ok.

So I showed him. I left the game! He couldn't play anymore since it was my turn and I left in the middle of the game (after calling him an unsportsmanlike dick, obviously). I started a new game and won it! Ha! Now who's cool?

Something is wrong with me, I think. Maybe a year is too long to be self employed?

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