Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Successful Day

Today, Corey agreed to build the rain barrel. I couldn't have been happier if he told me I didn't look pregnant from the back (which he did do!!!).

I thought it was going on another gutter to keep the rain off the foundation of the house and out of the basement, but Corey says we can eventually rout the downspout toward the barrel. I wonder when this will take place...

I am a bit overly excited that it's supposed to rain tomorrow so that water will make its way into the barrel. I feel like doing a rain dance or something just to see how/if it works.

While he was assembling that, I made my way to Construction Junction in search of both a hack saw and a wardrobe. I found neither of those things, but I did locate a credenza for just $10! It was missing a foot and had a scratch, but the missing foot and scratchy area are hidden against the wall. I got the very nice store folks to load it into the Mazda for me and I now have a storage solution for my living room.

This is the best thing in the world because it eliminates the need for a new coffee table with storage, it offers a place to stick all my extra throw blankets during the summer, it has ample room for board games and Corey can fill it with his crap.

Though he was initially very skeptical of the purchase, as soon as I got it dusted off, nay before it was dusted off, he began to fill it with his things. A phone charger. Some keys. A folder. By the time I got home from a writerly function later that night, it had a lamp on top and all sorts of stuff crammed into the drawers. This is going to be a magnet for his piles, I can just tell.

Hopefully that means I'll get the kitchen table back. I wonder if I have just encouraged his spreading or if I've really done myself a favor in providing a place to hide his piles?

At any rate, I feel good because we were proactive this weekend. Our house is not the same as it was yesterday. And this is a good thing.


P said...

Happy Sunday, Katy. This entry made me smile.

PatsE said...

Nice rain barrel! Funny, an Oakland blogger just wrote about hers recently: