Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Grand To-Do List

Our plans for the summer (excluding birthing our son and becoming his parents):

**Attach the rain barrel Corey built to the actual downspout, thus fulfilling its existence as a rain barrel and removing it from our deck, where it currently serves as a conversation piece**

1. Dig up concrete on left side of house and give it to dude seeking clean fill
2. Put dirt, grass seed where sea of concrete once was; perhaps additional garden bed for climbing beans
3. Blow insulation into the horse-hair plaster walls of our home, then fill, spackle, and paint over the holes
4. Install some sort of closet or closet substitute in our bedroom so Corey will put his clothes away after only 2 short years of living in our house
5. Convince my dad that his true passion in life is to power wash then stain our deck during his extended visit to Pittsburgh to meet his grandson

I feel like all of these things are manageable in the next 12 weeks (although number 5 can happen any time). I also feel nervous that many of these are beyond my control or reign. Apart from going to Ikea and bringing home the Aneboda, I actually can't do anything on that list at all...because I can't hire workers to complete the tasks and I can't lift or physically move the things required for the other items.

This means I have to do something I'm not that great at: I have to trust my husband and relinquish a little piece of control of my life. If I had to grade myself on my ability to do such things, I would give myself an F.

So, I'm trying to take small bites. Step one is to make that trip to Ikea and instead of lugging around the furniture by hand like usual, I'm going to actually utilize a stock worker to help me. I shall bring home that wardrobe, darn it. And while I'm out doing that, I will breathe normally and trust that Corey is wrestling with our down spout.


PeaceLoveMath said...

On the blog you linked me to a while back, they have a very nice setup involving Ikea wardrobes in their bedroom. Even without the header thingy I think it looks lovely, and might even try for something similar in our new bedroom, which is also about 12x13.

Katy said...

yeah, we considered that very post but decided that look wasn't for us. i might have found something at construction junction...

Snacky D said...

As you may know, I would be more than happy to help you and Core-man complete any errands or tasks around your house that may require assistance. I know he probably wouldn't ask me himself, but please don't hesitate to call upon Snacky D for his services!