Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Special Delivery

After all the excitement with the literary agent for my book a few weeks ago (she passed on the project, by the way), I feel re-energized in my publishing journey. A scholarly press has shown interest in my manuscript! The editor wrote to me and asked me to mail not only sample chapters, but the whole darn thing.

I could barely contain myself at Kinkos when the manager asked whether this was going to a residential address. "Absolutely not!" I said. "It's going to a business. In New York. A publishing house that has shown interest in my book!"

I basically forced him to congratulate me and wish me luck. I feel certain that this man's good energy into the ether will be just the nudge I need.


Anonymous said...

I am so so so excited for you Katy!! My congrats and good luck and best wishes, this is freakin' HUGE. People work their whole lives wishing to *have to* go to make copies UPON REQUEST and you've dont it before you're 30. super yay.

Valtastic said...

THIS IS AMAZING! :) Congrats!