Friday, September 12, 2008

Obnoxious, But Happy

I must admit that I was obnoxious yesterday. I went to the bar after rugby practice and breathed deeply. Loudly. A lot. With increasing loudness as I drank more delicious Lions Head. And I am sorry for being obnoxious.

But yesterday was a really important day for me. For starters, it means Corey will spend more time with me and my rugby friends. He gets so ill and grossed out by the dense sea of smoke in the tiny Ruggers Pub that he basically refuses to go to any rugby function there, limiting his hanging out to parties at teammates' houses. I managed to drag him to the pub about twice a season prior to this, so I will greatly enjoy his increased presence in my social life.

Also, I just feel better when I'm there and when I leave. I want to, unobnoxiously if possible, say thank you to the law makers who have passed the smoking ban. You have increased my enjoyment of life in many spheres. The difference between a bar thick with smoke and one thick with...air is just so enormous and wonderful. I feel grateful today.

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Valtastic said...

Poor Corey... he was using the smoke as an excuse... you're team isn't as cool as morris... it doesn't have me afterall... ;)