Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Slight Redemption

I was out in the garden last night picking, FINALLY, a tomato from my long suffering vines. I peered sadly at the neighbor's garden, feeling guilt about my theft, when I noticed something that made me feel better.

As several people noted in the comments, mint is a rapid grower and hard to contain. Well, as it turns out, the bush of mint I "stole" was one of several bushes of peppermint growing in the neighbors' plot. There, nestled among their rampant dill and parsley, was a huge growth of mint just like the stuff I stole on Sunday. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then I went inside, got the scissors and helped myself to the parsley and another freezer bag full of spearmint.

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Blondie in Wisconsin said...

Katy - you should snip some mint and see if you can get it to root in a glass of water. You might get your own plant and all the mint your heart desires.

I'm doing that with basil now and mint's in the same family. Should work.