Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mmmmmm Mint

So I am obsessed with mint. Ever since I stole the mint from the neighbors, I've put it into my water all day every day and enjoyed refreshing gulps of tingly aqua. My teammates made fun of me on Tuesday because I even put mint in my water for rugby practice. They called me Martha Stewart and scoffed my "weed water." Whatever. They are just jealous because their water smells like butt and tastes like fungus while mine is refreshing and delightful. Just what the body needs after intense running around!

Anyway, deep in my mint world, I also discovered this website (thanks, Emily) and learned that people do things like put mint in their lemonade.

This idea nagged at me for weeks. Even before I stole the mint. The website planted the seed and it manifested into reality with the newly acquired mint bush. The Youngsters from the website got their recycled wine bottles from a winery. I needed to drink myself silly to get some good bottles. It was definitely worth it. I finished off some Riesling, washed off the labels, and went out back with my scissors yesterday.

When I showed up for a dinner party last night, I came packing homemade lemonade with beautiful sprigs of peppermint in the bottle. It looked so darn fancy I wanted to explode! I think I'll bring this treat to every soiree Corey and I go to from now on (be warned!). I did not take a photo of the classy minty lemonade, but let my stinging papercuts be a testament to the wonders of freshly squeezed, pulpy lemon drinks with little square-stemmed mint pieces floating inside.

It is good. Worthy of obsession.

Wait until I add it to the limeade I'm thinking about for next week. Before you know it, I'll be churning my own ice cream just to have someplace new to stick my contraband mint.


p said...

did you make simple syrup?

Katy said...

no syrup involved! i squeeze lemons into a bowl, stirred in an equal part sugar, and added water. i used a 1:1:6 ration for lemon juice, sugar, water. tasted good to me!

PeaceLoveMath said...

I kindly request minty limeade when you visit me, since I adore limes but don't particularly like lemonade. Sounds amazingly delicious!!

east side girl said...

I'm sorry to hear about your family emergency and hope that everything works out soon.

When you're ready to resume your mint adventures, I suggest you try minted pasta--it's fabulous. Mark Bittman gives a good recipe--you can search it in the dining section of the NYT.

Take care.

Katie said...

just found your blog - love this idea for a hostess gift!

great job - keep it up girl!

freya said...

Hey, did you see this?