Friday, September 26, 2008

Family Emergency

Corey and I have a family emergency right now. It has pulled our lives to a halt and left me feeling guilty for my responses: minutiae. Whenever there's an emergency, I focus on small things. Like who will water our plants or get our mail. Or what will happen to the Wicked ticket I had for Sunday.

My friend from rugby says I do this because I can control these responses, whereas I cannot control my relatives' health or their recovery time. Medicine is, unfortunately, an inexact science. It's not like training for a 5k, where you're pretty much certain to be where you need to be in a month or so. I get uncomfortable with that. Losing control. Not having control. I don't do well with that at all.

So I micromanage. Now. What should we eat for dinner?


Emily said...

I do it too. If the situation allows, I'd probably go to Wicked. I'd want you to (if I were the emergency in case).

Best wishes.

P said...

Your friend is right. Dee does the same thing. It's hard b/c I imagine I am more like Corey--immediate contingency planning--and we clash.

Take care and I agree with Sabato--go to Wicked if you can.